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Th Aviation was founded in 2012 and has built its business from a aviation expert . We continue to grow through the recommendations of our existing clientele and this has formed the fundamental basis of how Th Aviation operates. We are steadily expanding into new markets as new customers put us to the test with even bigger and more ambitious projects. Our greatest strength is the Th Aviation Team which is formed by aviation industry professional offering his experience, dedication and resources available to you to make complex decisions simpler. Commitment to hard work and delivering air charter services to the highest standards gives our customers peace of mind. In the modern competitive aviation business environment a holistic approach to the needs of the customer is required. Undoubtedly the company which is able to offer tailor made, high value services to the customer, has the competitive advantage. Th Aviation is the air charter company that puts you in control. The client makes the decisions about the schedule, the aircraft type, the departure and arrival airport, the seat arrangements, and of course the on-board service. With the customer as the decision maker and our proactive and progressive approach in producing unique solutions based on sound trading experience has resulted in our forming long-term solid relationships with airlines who trust our expert advice to deliver exactly what they need.

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