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Chartering Options

Th Aviation has history in providing Ad-hoc capacity to various airlines and companies . :

Product Launches

When you need to get your sales force and customers to the same place at the same time for the unveiling of that new model, aircraft chartering can be the most effective and feasible solution.

Sporting Events

We can transport European football teams, its directors, staff and invited guests to major European events and we have the experience to manage similar projects across the wide spectrum of the sporting world.

Entertainment Industry

For individual or group travel in the entertainment world, we can provide bespoke aircraft charter options with unrivalled levels of service, security and confidentiality. For ad hoc requests the Th Aviation team will provide advice and information regarding the most suitable aircraft for each particular journey.

Group Charter

Th Aviation can provide a wide selection of aircraft to accommodate groups from 40 passengers upwards. Whether you are involved in organising an incentive trip, launching a new product or arranging travel for a corporate hospitality event, our highly experienced charter professionals can arrange every detail of your group charter.

Tour Operators / Ad-hoc Flights

We have an international network of airline contacts that enable us to source aircraft charters worldwide. Th Aviation is able to service requirements for full, part and ad-hoc charters. Th Aviation specialises in providing full aircraft capacity all over the world client database of both independent Tour Operators and Pan European Tour Operator groups. In addition to these Markets, Th Aviation has access to aircraft across the world to meet specific needs of its Tour Operator clients. We also provide a comprehensive advisory service for new operators, delivering information on prices and availability. Please contact our sales department for more specific details:

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